Trailer Two-fer: Summer of Eisenberg

EisenbergJesse Eisenberg, who went to the same High School as many people I know actually, has been in the news quite a bit lately for his upcoming role as the Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman coming out in 2016. What is not being talked about, at least not as much anyway, is his two movies set to release this summer.

American Ultra looks like a really fun ride, almost like Half Baked meets Bourne Identity, if you can imagine such a thing. Often when I watch wacky, over the top trailers like this, I am skeptical that it will be mostly tropes and cliches, but that is not the sense from this one for me, I think it looks like it could genuinely be hysterical. If we get a great story, and Zombieland Jesse, I’m in.

The trailer for The End of the Tour has a harder road to travel from the ‘beat the cliche’ perspective. This could easily be a less successful retread of Almost Famous, only from the added obstacle that music tends to draw people into a film more then the idea of a book tour. Still, Jason Segel seems very believable and likeable in the trailer, and maybe can carry the load of making this not just a forgettable summer indie flick.

American Ultra:

The End of the Tour:



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