The Box Office Weekend Review!

 So topping the charts this weekend is Spy, a new hit, and by all reviews a better then expected, starring Melissa McCarthy. Admittedly I am not fan of the type of film she traditionally makes, but apparently $30 million worth of movie ticket purchases says I am in the minority.  Of course, Jason Statham and Rose Byrne sweeten the pot a bit. So, I don’t plan on spending the $12 bucks to see Spy in the theaters, I do think I will spend a couple hours watching ‘The Heat’ on HBO Go this week, and give Ms. McCarthy a second chance.

A long time ago, in a box office far far away…

15 years ago – Gone In 60 Seconds  – A classic, and one of my favorite Nick Cage movies. This one still holds up, as I watched only a few weeks ago. More FF1 then FF7…

20 years ago – Congo – I suspect that next week we will see another Cinema spawn of Michael Crichton topping the charts…

25 years ago – Another 48 Hours – The classic buddy cop flick, only without the classic-ness of a good one.


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